Easy Kolacky recipe

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  • I made these last night, and they’re already all gone! They were a success, and although I was a little intimidated since it was my first time making a cookie like this one, your recipe was so easy to follow. (And delicious!) Thank you!
  • I used to make these with my grandmother many years ago. For fruit filling, she always used drained pineapple tidbits, or crushed pineapple. it is very important to drain it well, and she would press it to get more of the liquid out. Tasty, but probably less authentic Czech variation….But my grandmother was the daughter of Czech immigrants, and this was otherwise the same as their handed down recipe. She just liked the pineapple variation, which just shows that you can use different fruit fillings to your liking. I love them!
  • Loved it. I used Raspberry filling instead and it turned out great.
  • I chose this recipe because of the added powdered sugar in the dough. They turned out great! Use only about a teaspoon of filling for a 3” square. That was the cookie cutter I used. Egg wash under one corner before folding will hold the cookies together. I made them with red raspberry and peach preserves. Very tasty!
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