Easy Cherry Filled Crescents

The taste of these is exceptional! My children practically inhaled the first tray I made. I had a hard time rolling them up without the filling oozing, even with just 2 teaspoons, the filling kept coming out. But Kree was kind enough to answer my questions and help me try to figure out how to roll them so the filling would stay in.

What I ended up doing was using 2 packages of croissant rolls instead of one, and instead of rolling them, I put a flat croissant roll on the baking sheet, placed the 2 tablespoons of filling in the middle, then placed another croissant roll on top and sealed the edges.

They worked perfectly for me this way! I will make them again tomorrow, as requested.

The croissant rolls are a gift that we should enjoy! They are perfect for making a great dessert like these cherry-filled croissant rolls! Find out how they are made and tell me what you think.

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Written by Chef Mehdi

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