Easy Baked Meatballs

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If you’ve been looking for a simple recipe for Easy Baked Meatballs, you’ll love this one! Made with ground beef, Parmesan cheese, plenty of spices, eggs, breadcrumbs, and water, they’re juicy and flavorful. Once you try this recipe for simple baked meatballs, you’ll never want to make them another way!

Do you have a go-to dish you make for company? I have a few! But the one I find myself making time and time again? These easy oven baked meatballs! That’s because they’re a TOTAL crowd-pleaser!!! And even picky eaters love this recipe. In fact, I ALWAYS double this baked meatball recipe when we have company over. Because they literally fly out of the crockpot! Especially when I serve them with my flavorful marinara sauce and parmesan cheese. Just thinking about them is making me so hungry lol!

What to serve with Meatballs

  • Pasta! I mean, is there a more iconic pairing than spaghetti and meatballs?! We love serving them with simple spaghetti fra diavolo, quick and easy bucatini all’ Amatriciana, or this one-pan tomato basil pasta!
  • Spaghetti Squash! A lower calorie, but still delicious, alternative to pasta. Learn how to roast spaghetti squash!
  • A slice of tomato pie or pizza!
  • Lasagna! My family adores this Lightened Up Chicken Parm Lasagna with a few meatballs on the side. YUM.
  • Gnocchi alla Vodka! I don’t make this dish enough… but when I do, you can bet I’m serving it with meatballs on the side!
  • Hoagie rolls, extra spaghetti sauce, Parmesan cheese, and provolone cheese! Place all of these ingredients on the table and allow your guests to make their own meatballs sandwiches. So fun and so easy!
  • And finally, for a lighter meal, you could serve these quick and easy meatballs with a simple salad and a few homemade garlic knots or a piece of rosemary focaccia.

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