Easy And Awesome Marriage Meatloaf You Can Make On A Budget!

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A month or so before my wedding my mother invited me to cook with her. Mama always taught my sisters and I how to cook and keep a kitchen cozy but she saved one recipe for us just before we each got married.

The recipe that she taught me was marriage meatloaf. it is a simple recipe that has Amish roots. The recipe is very simple and uses easy-to-find ingredients but the flavor is unique and robust. My husband LOVES this marriage meatloaf.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that marriage meatloaf is his favorite dish. Thanks, mom

Meatloaf with oatmeal is one of those meals that American’s absolutely love. It’s as American as baseball and apple pie.

The following recipe for marriage meatloaf is an exceptional recipe because it is Amish-inspired. It’s a very simple recipe with only a few basic ingredients.

You won’t find any fancy footwork here, pal! My mama introduced me to this recipe and I am so glad that she did. She taught me how to make it before I married my husband.

And wouldn’t you know that this marriage meatloaf turned out to be his favorite meal?

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