Don’t throw away Coke that’s gone flat – use it in your garden instead

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You can place a bowl of Coke in the garden to kill the snails there. This will not just kill snails, though, because other insects also feel attracted to the sweet stuff, like ants, wasps and mosquitos. In India, farmers also use Coke as a pesticide: they spray the Coke onto their plants to ward off insects. It’s cheaper than other pesticides and less harmful to people, animals and plants. However, Coca-Cola denies that its product can be used as a pesticide.

Do you use rusty rakes and shears when you’re gardening? That’s a pity, because there’s no need for that rust. Put any rusty garden equipment you might have into a bucket filled with Coke overnight and the next day you will be able to just rub the equipment clean with an old cloth. The rust will disappear just like that! This method is very easy and effortless. Moreover, you won’t have to rub abrasive cleansers onto your tools, scratching the material.

The sugars in Coke attracts micro-organisms that’ll start the breakdown process and the acids in the drink will also help the process along. So, Coke is very useful to have around if you want to give your compost heap a little boost.

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