Do you want a flat stomach? Try this trick with a piece of string!

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Getting a flat stomach due to a piece of string? We’re here for it!
Feeling good about your body is something everybody wants. This means something different for everyone; some people love some gorgeous curves while others prefer a flat stomach. Would you like a flat stomach? Then you might want to keep reading!

According to this video, a piece of string is all you need.

Getting a flat stomach can seem like a very difficult thing to do. The most obvious way to go about it is to exercise a lot and to not eat too many snacks. In other words: change your entire lifestyle. This is quite the effort, but apparently, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. The word on the street is that all you need to achieve your desired stomach is a piece of string. Of course, eating healthy is a good idea anyway and exercising is good for you as well, so you might want to also do those things anyway.

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