Do you keep your eggs in your refrigerator door? This is why you shouldn’t!

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Did you know most people place chicken in the wrong spot? Most people just chuck their groceries in the fridge without thinking twice about it. However, it is important to store chicken correctly. Poultry can contain salmonella, a bacteria that gives you diarrhoea which multiplies and spreads easily. That’s why it’s of utmost importance to store chicken correctly.

Lowest shelf

Store chicken on the lowest shelf in your fridge. According to food expert Mary Sacher, not many people know where to store chicken in the fridge. She explains that many people just want to be done with their errands, meaning they just put their groceries away at random. However, chicken shouldn’t be stored high up in the fridge. You should put it on the lowest shelf! Juices could leak from the meat and contaminate other foods in your fridge. Put the chicken in the bottom of the fridge to prevent this from happening.

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