DIY Mold Removal

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Grapefruit extract is especially beneficial for removing mold from the home, but any type of citrus extract will help. Citrus fruits are full of acid that break down bacteria and fungi, getting rid of the pests completely. You’re left with a fresh scent, which is better than using some of the options above.

This is one of the safest options when you have kids in the house. There is nothing damaging about any citrus extract and your kids can even help get rid of the problem if you’d like. With all the other treatments, you will need to keep children and pets away from the area as the treatments can be irritating for young lungs.

Dilute the extract in some water and apply to a spray bottle. Use regularly to avoid mold coming back at a later date.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

It’s time to get rid of the reason for mold growing in your home: the moisture in your home. While humidifiers are good for the skin and can help you get a better night’s sleep, too much moisture will create a breeding ground for mold spores. This is more commonly an issue in a bathroom, where the moisture from the hot shower can’t escape.

Use an extractor fan while showering and place a dehumidifier in the bathroom. Turn this on after your shower to remove the problem completely from your home.

You can still use a humidifier in your bedroom. If this is the space where you suffer the most mold, you’ll want to reconsider the use of the humidifier until the reason for the mold is fixed—usually something to do with moisture in the walls!

Remove Mold and Prevent It Coming Back

The above home remedies for mold removal won’t just get rid of the mold spores. You remove the chances of the problem coming back. These are prevention remedies that are healthy and natural. There’s no need to worry about the toxins used in the chemicals that kill off the mold spores.

The first set of treatments will have acidic and strong smells to them. You and everyone else will know that you’re using them. While they’re effective, you’ll need to consider if they’re suitable for your children and pets and for the room that you’re using them in. Citrus extract and dehumidifiers will help to eliminate strong scents and health risks.

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