deluxe egg salad recipe

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Deluxe egg salad this light salad with bread contains me boiled eggs . I tried many recipes , but nothing compares to this recipe . It’s ingredients are very simple.

If you haven’t had egg salad with cream cheese. Prepare yourself. It’s incredible.

Cream cheese is what makes this the best egg salad recipe in the world. Even my picky kids would agree. This is amazing.

I love that easy egg salad is a cinch to make. The only cooking part is the eggs. Other than that, just mix and go.

I’ve put this egg salad on regular bread I’ve got lying around the house and on buttery croissants. It goes great with everything.

Ingredients :

☞ 1 tsp salt
☞ A pinch of pepper
☞ 6 hard boiled eggs, chopped
☞ Croissants or Bread
☞ You can add paprika/bacon/ pickle relish
☞ 2 small spoon butter…

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