Creme of Coconut Cake

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You’ll Need:

1 box of yellow butter cake mix.
1 can of cream of coconut.
1 can of Eagle Brand milk.
8 oz of cool whip.
1 package of frozen thawed coconut.

How to:

In a 13x9x2 pan bake the yellow butter cake mix according to the directions on the package.
Pierce the cake with a fork while it’s still hot.
In a bowl, mix together the cream of coconut and can of Eagle brand milk and pour over the cake.
Refrigerate covered. Once cooled, top with 8 ounces of cool whip and a package of frozen coconut and store in the refrigerator.

” Please note that some meals are better to be prepared every once in a while because of some ingredients like meat, cheese, lot of sugar, fats..etc.
Having meals with these ingredients all the time may damage your health. ”

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