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Creamy Coconut

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This coconut cream dream cake is the dream of coconut lovers. A white sheet of cake is baked and then holes are pierced on top to form edible bowls to collect the coconut cream which will be poured on the cake while it is still hot.

It is glazed with whipped cream and a combination of fresh, sweet flaked coconut to crown it with glory. It’s an almost angelic cake and completely irresistible to the coconut fans in your life.


I’m a fan of everything coconut and it’s pure decadence. Coconut cakes have a unique ability to get better and better over time. The same goes for this coconut cream cake, which gets better the longer it sits, making it perfect for entertainment and vacation events.

I can only make this cake by receiving because it tempts me beyond my control. The very first version of this cake I tasted was several years ago when my mother baked it for a church dinner. One bite and since that day, I love anything with coconut.

The ease with which it can be prepared ahead of time makes it one of my favorite Southern dishes.

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