Cream of Fresh Asparagus Soup

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Creamy asparagus soup is a delicious spring dish made using fresh asparagus. The perfect way to start a holiday meal or a delicious lunch or dinner.

Spring is upon us, and asparagus season has arrived! Cue the sound of a triumphant chorus. We love asparagus in all forms, whether its simply steamed, grilled or baked into a cheesy asparagus and bacon casserole, it is one of our favorite greens in the warmer months.

This creamy soup however, is an unsuspecting hit. It is refreshing while providing a bit of richness and some pure asparagus taste.

We marry it with a touch of butter and some garlic to soften the grassy notes, simmer it with broth until tender, then blend it until smooth with a healthy dose of cream.

What results is a beautiful, soothing green soup that’s rich enough to be a light meal or a satisfying appetizer. It can be served hot, straight off the stove, or cold (if you manage to have any left over). Cheers to spring, and cheers to soup!

If have leftovers they can be stored in the fridge in an airtight container for up to a week and in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Though its totally great by itself, this soup is even better when sprinkled with some homemade breadcrumbs that have been toasted in butter and garlic.

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