Clean laundry still smell stale? This nifty trick will solve that problem

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Dishwasher pod

The first thing to do when cleaning your washing machine is to use a dusting rag. Use a dry rag first and then go in with a wet rag. Take the detergent compartment out and clean it thoroughly in soap and water. Then, clean the rubber piece at the mouth of the washing machine with a wet rag. And to finish, you’ll put – yes, really – two dishwashing pods in the washing machine and run it on a 90-degree cycle. The following TikTok shows us how it works.

Avoiding the problem

Obviously, we all know that the best thing would be to avoid the problem in the first place. Try doing this cleaning routine once every month. You should also keep the door of the washing machine a bit open every time after you do a load of laundry. This will help you avoid gross (and especially stale) scents.

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Southern style strawberry cake

Your house will always smell wonderfully fresh with this simple trick.