Classic Peanut Brittle

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Peanut brittle is one of the most popular treats to have during the holidays. It is a quintessential holiday candy. And it is fairly easy to make too, if I can do it, you can do it.

Turn to this old-fashioned brittle recipe when you want to make homemade candy.  With both microwave and stovetop instructions, this candy recipe is so easy to make in large batches for holiday gifts.

Drizzle with dark chocolate and candy corn or crunch it up and sprinkle on a candied apple for a Halloween treat. These are a gluten free dessert and a pleasant alternative to holiday cookies.

One of the best things about the holidays is biting into a crunchy, butter shard of peanut brittle.

It’s such a classic treat around this time of year. One that my family has enjoyed for decades.

I love making edible gifts for the holidays! Chocolate espresso spoons are often my go-to choice along with chocolate truffles, praline pecans, and peanut brittle.

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