Cinnamon Sugar Pecans Recipe

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The Best Candied Pecan Recipe!

Lets just start out by saying these things are dangerous! Who knew such simple ingredients could make something so tempting and addictive?

I started making the cinnamon sugar almonds like 10 years ago and I hadn’t even tried any other nut until today. Because I was out of almonds :).

And guess what? I actually like the pecans even better because they have a more delicate and melt-away crunch than the almonds do and they have more cracks and crevices for the sugar mixture to coat.

I can nearly guarantee you, if you take these to a party they will be gone in no time. They’re cinnamon caramel flavor coating is insanely delicious. And you’re going to love how easy they are to make.

Short list of ingredients, simple prep – we need more recipes like this during the holidays. Enjoy!

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