Cinnamon Salted Caramel Doughnuts

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I have tried to explain this as best as I can – read through all the above text first if this is your first time making them!
They usually last 2 days after making!
I used dried active yeast, but if you can get fresh yeast (usually you can ask bakeries for it, and it should be free), and it is better!
You can fill with pretty much anything you want!
I use Carnations caramel tin mixed with 1tsp sea salt for my caramel sauce – it’s a good thickness!
The cinnamon is optional, but gives a WONDERFUL flavour!

This recipe is particularly relevant today, because Doughnuts are something that I often make to bring to others if I know they are having a hard time or are in need of some support.

I took my all time favourite brioche recipe, which seems to sneak its way into so many things I make, spiked it with some vanilla bean, and shaped it into balls, which I then fried up into fluffy, crunchy, sugary brioche doughnuts. You really can’t get any better than a fresh doughnut.

Something else I was reminded about though, seeing the country rally behind a community, was how instrumental food is in bringing people together.

Whenever things get a bit rough or a bit stressful, either for us or for someone I love, I always find myself turning back to food. It provides a bridge – a common ground everyone can relate to, and is a way of sharing.

It can speak the words that may be too difficult to say. It really is my way of expressing love, and I know that rings true for a lot of people. There are few better ways to show you’re there for someone than through providing food.

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