Chocolate Covered Coconut Candy

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I’m going to expose everything: I have problems with chocolate with a fork. And I’m dying for dark chocolate. Especially dark chocolate with coconut.

So that means that even though I need chocolate every day, I generally avoid rolling things in chocolate with forks. But then the dark chocolate and coconut bites came along and got me in a state.

It’s one of those sweet, perfect and cute foods that I like to keep in a little tupperware hidden on the back shelf of the fridge to make a perfect little snack after dinner (or breakfast). And even though my rolling skills are non-existent, I am developing what some might call a habit. A little habit filled with the glory of moist, dense, naturally sweet coconut and coated/dipped/drowned deep in dark chocolate.

Looks like I’m going to have to take my fork rolling skills a little more seriously.

It’s rare that Bjork doesn’t like what I do, but this was one of those rare times. I believe his exact words were, “Dark chocolate is not for me.”

I was not defensive or embarrassed (me? never). I just took his half-eaten chocolate and the rest of the batch that was on the pan and put them in a small container labeled “Lindsay”. I labeled it in my head. Because as much as I like to make the food he likes, sometimes a girl needs her own personal supply of dark chocolate and coconut waiting for her in that cold fridge.

Speaking of cold.

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