This low carb Chili Dog Bake will be a family favorite around your table. Juicy all beef hot dogs wrapped in low carb tortillas then smothered in a quick meaty hot dog sauce. Top with shredded cheese for the gooey goodness I call dinner!

Nate and I are super excited to bring you guys another great dinner recipe in our healthier series for kids. We have deemed these recipes THM Kids series based on us following an eating plan called Trim Healthy Mama.

With this series, we try to find ways to help our readers find ways to cook food for those picker eaters sitting around their dinner table. In these special recipes, we find tasty old faithful recipes that most families enjoy then make some simple adjustments.

Our goal is not to fully recreate the dish, we just want to find ways to reduce the carb counts, sugars, and those unwanted weird ingredients that shall remain nameless because I can’t pronounce many of them, ha!

So in this post, we are sharing one of Nate’s favorites, our Chili Dog Bake. It is a huge hit around our table, I mean, who doesn’t love a good chili dog, right?

You’ll see that we’ve made some easy substitutes here to make the chili dog a little better for us all. For starters, we choose a good quality hot dog without those fillers or nitrates, then replaced the traditional bun with a low carb type wrap, and finally, we tossed about that canned chili and whipped up a quick and tasty low carb hot dog sauce.

It may sound like a lot of changes, but don’t worry, making these changes won’t keep you in the kitchen much longer than making normal chili dogs. In fact, this entire recipe can be prepped and baked in under an hour.

Quick, tasty, and a healthier option to traditional chili dogs sounds like a trip threat recipe to me!

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Written by Chef Mehdi

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