Cherry Pineapple Dump Cake recipe

While at work last week, Ray approached me with a sample of this cake. He had made it before he came to work, so it was still warm. (Ray works with me and is well known for his extensive knowledge of every little fact that you could possibly think of.
Apparently, he knows how to bake, too!) He gave me permission to share this cake with you, and I’m oh so happy he did!
I made it while my sisters were visiting last week, and we devoured it! We had some while it was still warm, and had the leftovers after church the next day. (Yes, we ate “cake” for breakfast, and we didn’t care.
It was SO good!) Honestly, I think I liked it better the next day after it had been in the refrigerator overnight. So, depending on what works best for your schedule, you can know that it’s good warm or cold. And, of course, a little whipped cream never hurts, either!
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Written by P. Powel

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