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Cheesy Bundt Bread

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When we pull out our Bundt pan, we’re usually expecting to make a something sweet, like a cake, but here’s a savory bread recipe we’ve totally fallen in love with.

This cheesy Bundt bread is a yummy side dish when we’re having a nice big Caesar salad for lunch, and it’s also a lovely choice to pair with pasta in place of garlic bread (and it has just enough garlic to make it feel just right).

It’s a light bread that’s full of flavor and has a fabulous texture and tang thanks to the sour cream and Greek yogurt. We’ll whip this up for brunch or take its savory, cheesy goodness to share with our neighbor.

We expect to prepare something sweet when we pull out our Bundt pan like a cake, but I fell in love with this recipe, a savory bread.

This cheesy Bundt bread is a tasty side dish when we have a nice big Caesar lunch salad, and also it is a good option to pair pasta instead of garlic bread. It is a lightly sweet bread with a wonderful texture and tang due to the sour cream and Greek yogurt.

We ‘re going to cook up something for lunch or take her savory, crispy goodness to share with our neighbor.

This Bundy cake is a great party appetizer that is like a bunch of individual little rolls baked into one big loaf together. You can create the loaf whatever shape you like-I used a Bundt pan to make a ring shape here. Then you just grab the piece you want and pull, instead of slicing it, and a perfect portion of it comes out right in your hand, piping hot and tasty.

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