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Biscuits made with all butter are flaky, tender, and have the most addictive flavor! A hot buttery biscuit can be made into the best breakfast, dinner side dish, or perfect snack. Once you make homemade biscuits, you won’t be able to stop. These will soon turn into a family favorite.

Biscuits made with all butter (as opposed to lard, shortening, or a combination) will give you the highest rise! When the water in the butter evaporates in the oven, it creates steam and helps to boost the biscuits high.

Flavor! Biscuits made with oils tend to have a more neutral flavor while, in my opinion, a biscuit made with all butter is the most flavorful.

All butter biscuits tend to brown more easily than others. Because butter contains milk solids (including sugars), when it bakes in the oven the sugar caramelizes turning the biscuit a golden color.

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