Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread

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Just when I think I’ve exhausted every way to eat Buffalo chicken, I find some new way to devour it. This Buffalo Chicken Garbage Bread has layers of spicy buffalo marinated chicken, ranch dressing, and cheese rolled up in a pizza crust.

It’s incredibly easy and took me less than ten minutes to prepare, which comes in handy when we have an impromptu party to watch the game at our house. I’m not sure why it’s called garbage bread.

I’m told that it’s a rising trend in NYC — kind of like an inside-out piece of pizza. Maybe it’s easy for on-the-go eating like that.

Or maybe it’s called garbage bread because there’s no way you can make this look pretty?! It’s simply impossible. But the truth for most man-food is, it may not look pretty but it tastes phenomenal.

You could use blue cheese dressing here too, but ranch is what I had in my pantry. Drizzle buffalo sauce over the ranch dressing, using more or less depending on how spicy you like it. Make sure you don’t burn your mouth biting into this one. If you have the patience to let it cool a bit, it will be worth the wait!

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