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Cooking A Small Beef Brisket In The Oven:
The smaller the brisket the harder it is to cook because of all the connective tissue. Cooking a small piece of tough meat for a long time is challenging, so consider leftovers and cook at least 4 pounds if possible.

Beef brisket needs to rest at least 15 minutes covered after it’s cooked. Slice the meat against the grain when it has cooled.

Place the brisket slices back in some of the sauce that it cooked in to keep it moist. It will soak it back up and is even better and more flavorful the next day.

First of all; Faux-B-Que isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Let’s face it. Not everyone has the luxury of using his or her own smoker, either because of living situations or lack of space to use one. (I doubt many New York building supers would be happy with a smoker running inside one of their buildings.) And then you have the time and maintenance issue.

You have to invest the better part of a day to smoking a piece of meat in a smoker. With faux-b-que, you invest minutes and let the oven or slow cooker do the work.

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