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banana pudding cheesecake squares

These banana pudding cheesecake squares are incredible! We’re making our banana cheesecake bars with real bananas and an easy stovetop custard to top our buttery vanilla wafer crust!

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Banana pudding is one of the most essential recipes in my family’s holiday tradition. We are very particular about the ingredients and the process, using only Nilla wafers and pure vanilla extract, and always making the custard from scratch.

And these banana cream cheesecake bars with Nilla wafers are full of those same tastes! The creamy banana cheesecake, Nilla wafer crumb crust, and easy stovetop custard give you the most deliciously decadent dessert, perfect for for holiday gatherings or any occasion!

One of my favorite things about this recipe is that we’re making the banana cheesecake layer with real mashed overripe banana, so it’ll be full of that delicious banana flavor with no need for packaged pudding mixes!

And for even more banana goodness, you can top these squares with fresh banana slices just before serving!

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