Baklava with walnuts

What is Baklava?
Baklava is a pastry created from layers of phyllo dough, chopped nuts and honey or a sugar syrup. It’s a dessert that comes from Middle Eastern, Greek, and Turkish cuisine, to name a few. It’s also delectable!

When we lived in North Hollywood, my Armenian neighbor used to bring us the sugar syrup topped baklava, and I just didn’t know how to tell her that we didn’t like it. We much preferred the Honey Walnut Baklava recipe that I’d discovered. This is the best baklava recipe, in my humble opinion.

Crispy, nutty and extra syrupy! Greek Baklava is a delicious traditional dessert made of layers of crispy golden brown phyllo, filled with chopped walnuts and garnished with honey syrup. Just heaven! This is a very easy classic Greek Baklava recipe for you to recreate this sweet delight from scratch.

Baklava Origin – Is Baklava Greek?
A lot of speculations abounds about the origin and history of Baklava. Greeks and Turks still argue over its origin and is claimed by both countries. A lot of historians believe that it has its roots in ancient Greece, where they made the ‘gastrin’. Gastrin was a dessert very similar to the current baklava.

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