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Do you want to cook a special dish or something that everyone will love? Say office potluck, a party, a small gathering, a football finger food or big bowl event? These are an excellent super bowl yummies! This recipe is the perfect appetizer for any date.

Who doesn’t love bacon?! I tell you, these are highly requested. Even kids can help you out wrapping up some smokies. A Good appetizer for the coming New Year celebration too. Even though this is not too healthy, your foodgasm can’t await these as it cooks. An appetizer like smokies in a blanket is a sure hit while waiting for the New Year countdown. Make sure to make enough batches because everyone will keep asking for more.

Cooking tips:

You can add 1 stick butter to make it buttery in flavor, others would add maple syrup with brown sugar sprinkled on top. For the healthier version you can try Hillshire Farm Turkey lil smokies and Jennie O Turkey Bacon (0% Trans Fat)

Yummmy, it’s mouth watering.

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