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Apple Pie Bread Recipe

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Forget the homemade pie crust and get all the flavors of fall in a quick & easy apple pie bread recipe with brown sugar and cinnamon topping that’s as sweet as apple pie!

I have to admit that I definitely mourn the end of summer’s blueberries, strawberries and peaches, but the end of summer and beginning of the fall season is a lot easier to swallow given the plethora of fresh apple dessert recipes.  I love this Cinnamon Apple Pie Bread.

I’m normally more of a berry person when it comes to fruit, but this season I’m going to teach myself to love apples just as much. Why am I weird and don’t love apples?

I began my apple phase by baking this cinnamon apple pie bread from a recipe I had written down from a while back in my trusty recipe book.

It has all the flavors of an apple pie, but in the form of a bread. Anyone else a bigger fan of dessert bread than pie?

I’m all about the warm and cozy taste and texture of apple pie, but I’m having fun reworking those flavors into other desserts.

Feel free to use your favorite apples in this. I am using a couple of Rome apples. They are great for baking since they are slightly sweet and tart. But these aren’t always available at the store so a good substitute might be a Gala apple or even Golden Delicious or Granny Smith varieties.

You can switch out the apples in this recipe for pears or even peaches.
Light brown sugar or dark brown sugar can be used. Dark brown sugar just contains a bit more molasses than light brown sugar.

Allow the bread to cool completely before slicing. It cuts easier when it is cooled. However, if you can’t wait – then dig into it warm, it may just be a bit more crumbly.

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