Amish Chicken

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This Amish chicken recipe is a lot like the chicken you would get on an Amish bus tour. It is delicious and easy to bake in your oven.

I love Amish recipes and this Amish chicken recipe is no exception to that rule. This oven fried chicken is a lot like the kind you’ll find in Amish country or served at Amish restaurants.

The drippings from this chicken go great over mashed potatoes (but be careful they are pretty high in calories). This chicken goes great with mac and cheese, steamed vegetables, rice, mashed potatoes, or dinner rolls.

You will not believe how easy baked chicken recipe is! A simple mixture of flour and spices is used to coat chicken pieces. The chicken is then baked and tastes like you spent hours frying it.

If you don’t love bone in chicken thighs, this recipe will work with pretty much any cut of chicken. You can make it gluten free by substituting coconut flour for the wheat flour.

The recipe calls for 3 pounds of chicken. That is enough to feed a family of four so if you want leftovers, make more chicken.

Baking the chicken on a rimmed baking sheet, or jelly roll pan keeps the air moving around the chicken to make it crispy.  But feel free to use any type of baking dish.

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