amazing caracmel souce

There is just something about a sweet & salty combination that drives tastebuds crazy – pretzels & chocolate, maple & bacon, milkshakes & fries, even peanut butter & jelly. But I submit that nothing tops salted caramel. It’s amazing stuff.

Now I will admit that I haven’t always had the best of luck with candy-making in the kitchen. It’s just not my strong suit, even with a candy thermometer sometimes. But this recipe is so easy and you don’t even need a fancy thermometer to get it to turn out perfectly. The biggest secret is to stay right by the stove when making this so that you can keep an eye on the sugar so it doesn’t burn. As long as you watch your sugar and stir it frequently, you will see it change from white, to light clumps, until it finally starts to melt into an amber-colored liquid. As soon as the sugar is melted, you stir in the butter and let it melt completely, which will only take a minute or two. Then you slowly add in some heavy cream, let the sauce cook for just one minute more, and stir in some sea salt.

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Written by Chef Mehdi

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