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This recipe is a mixture of brownie and cookies


* Ingredients :

+Brownie Ingredients:

° 125 g black or milk chocolate

° 75g butter

° 75g frena (flour or flour) A pinch of salt

° 50g chopped nuts

° 2 eggs

° 120g regular sugar

+Cookie ingredients:

° 120g butter, at room temperature

° 165g flour (flour or flour), sifted with a pinch of salt

° 130g brown sugar

° 1 egg

° 80 g granules of chocolate

° 2 small spoons of dessert yeast


* Steps:

First, we prepare the brownie

Melt butter and chocolate in Mariam’s bath

Then we add the sugar and mix well, then the eggs and flour with a pinch of salt, and in the end the walnuts and take a mole. 20/25 cm and spread it with cooking paper and empty the mixture in it

Then we prepare cookies

In a bowl, mix the butter and brown sugar well, then the egg, and finally the yeast with the yeast, then smooth the dough over the cooking paper until we get the desired shape and put it on the first mixture gently

Then we put it in the oven preheated and let it stay delicious for half an hour at a temperature of 180 degrees

And when it is good and brown, palm leaves it cooled and cut into squares.

Serve it with cold drinks

Kids like this dessert, your health ❤️


SALTED CARAMEL CHEESECAKE….this is the BEST & so easy to make!