92-Year-Old Grandma Posts Hilarious Rules for Her Funeral: ‘You Better Get Drunk’

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“It wont be any time soon but don’t forget it,” TikTok’s Grandma Droniak captioned the memorable video

Make no mistake, excessive crying will not be tolerated at this grandmother’s funeral.
Lillian Droniak, known to her 4.2 million followers on TikTok as Grandma Droniak, frequently shares hilarious videos about her life, dating and bingo exploits.

One particularly memorable video outlined the three simple demands Droniak, 92, has for her funeral.
“It wont be any time soon but don’t forget it,” she captioned the clip, which now has over 31.7 million views.
“You can cry, but don’t cry too much,” Droniak said, explaining that she doesn’t want anybody to “make a fool of yourself.”

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