9 foods and drinks to avoid if you’re trying to lose weight

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Breakfast grains

It’s so easy to pour cornflakes in a bowl with milk, but it’s not healthy. Most breakfast grains are full of sugars and sweeteners that your body can’t easily digest. Want an easy breakfast? Opt for oatmeal.


Have you been served a dish and the taste is too bland? Then we quickly reach for the salt. It’s just not very healthy. If you consume too much salt, you can develop blood pressure problems, which in turn can lead to cardiovascular disease. In addition, your body retains a lot more moisture and you can see that when you step on the scale.

Fat-free products

Consuming too much fat creates problems but so does consuming too little. Your body needs fat to function. A zero-fat yoghurt is therefore not always better than one with fat. The fats are often replaced by sugar which is also not good. You’ll recognize healthy fats on nutrition labels under the name of “unsaturated fats”. The bad fats are labeled as saturated and trans fats.


Cheese can be both healthy and unhealthy. Choose your cheese carefully. Fatty cheeses contain a lot of calories and that builds up quickly. It’s easy to find cheeses in the grocery store that don’t contain as many calories, like 30+ cheeses.


While a nice drink can taste so good, it’s better to not drink alcohol. Alcohol often contains lots of carbohydrates and sugars. Just a few glasses of wine or beer is more than 300 calories with no nutritional value.

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