5 things from the kitchen that can be cleaned by the sun

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3. Grime in the refrigerator

Are the drawers in your refrigerator no longer clean? Mix water with soap, scrub the drawers and then put them in the sun for a few hours. They’ll be sparkling clean again!

4. Lunch drums

Do you regularly put food with tomato sauce in a food container? If so, there is a good chance that it will leave a red haze in the container. Spray the container with lemon juice and then put it in the sun for a few hours. After leaving it in the sun, it’s likely to be a lot cleaner.

5. Shopping bag

Canvas bags that you often use as a shopping bag must be regularly washed. Just think about it: you put the bag on the floor in the supermarket, in your car and then on your counter. Yuck! Shopping bags that cannot be washed in the washing machine should also be cleaned regularly. Wipe these bags with a cloth and then put them in the sun for a few hours. The bags are ready for use again!

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