5 exercises to slim down your upper arms

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1. Plyometric push-ups

It sounds complicated, but fortunately it is not. A plyometric push-up is nothing more than a ‘normal’ push-up in which your hands briefly come off the ground. By pushing yourself upwards, you make a small “jump”.

Start in a push-up position with your hands stretched out.
Lower yourself down and push yourself up again.
When you push yourself up, use some extra strength so that you make a small “jump”.
Make sure your body stays straight all the time, so keep your bottom down.
Do this exercise 3 x 10 times.

2. Triceps dips

For this exercise, use a chair, bed or other solid surface to lean on.

Put your arms at shoulder width on the edge of the chair or bed.
Slowly sink down in a squat until your arms are bent and your buttocks are just above the ground.
Push yourself up again and repeat this process over and over.
Do this exercise 3 x 15 times.

3. Shoulder Press

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