5 amazing Christmas pillows

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Embroidery Red Velvet Throw Pillow

These pillow coverings are beautiful. I don’t want to end up with a dozen pillows, several for each season, so I love pillow coverings. Two pillows. Several sets of coverings. Done! These are exactly as pictured. Velvet fabric is soft and embroidery is not annoying or itchy.

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Soft Canvas Throw Pillow

These were a great addition to my holiday decor. They were really affordable so I was worried they would be cheaply made or that you’d be able to see the dark brown design of our actual pillow underneath, but they withheld play time from 2 large dogs and the pillows looked like they were made with this case on them. Perfect!

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Red Snowflake Christmas Throw Pillow

Very nice. Well made. Colors are ‘true’.

When I needed a thank you gift for a neighbor who did me a kindness, knowing she is a biker, this looked a perfect solution, along with another similar pillow cover. The ‘first’ gift included the pillows, too.

The gift was well received and since, I have replaced it with similar but Christmas themed covers she can exchange for the previous ones.. I’ve already ordered others for the following seasons.
The vast number of wonderful pillow covers available, give endless variety for every taste, hobby, philosophy to make great Thank You gifts.

Knowing this, I keep my eyes and ears open as to what subject might make a ‘thoughtful’ personalized gift.

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Soft Solid Decorative Square Throw Pillow

These pillowcasess are WONDERFUL! They are so soft & pretty, & they really enhance not only our couch, but the entire living room. They are very well made & the zippers can almost invisible. In the photos i posted the last one showes what I mean about the zipper. Originaly I was just going to put only one of these pillow on the couch & loveseat, but I loved them so much I ended up buying a second set so I could have 2 of each on both.

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Merry Christmas Snowflake Throw Pillow

I’m very pleased with the pillow cover and have ordered three additional ones. Fabric is very nice and well-made.

Would love to have pillow covers madeoif the same fabric for all seasons!

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