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15-Minute Strawberry Angel Food Cake

Every cook has a few shortcuts and “cheats’ in the kitchen, and this recipe features one such shortcut–using a prepared angel food cake to make a delicious Strawberry Angel Food Cake dessert.

It is created in a 9 by 13 baking pan so that it fits right into the fridge.

It is also cool and creamy, a perfect dessert for warm summer days.

If you need a fruity, light, and sweet dessert, try my Strawberry Angel Food Cake Recipe.

These flavors are so subtle and the best part is you can interchange other ingredients to build the perfect flavor profile that you want.

Why I love 15-Minute Strawberry Angel Food Cake?
It comes together quickly and easily.
I don’t even have to turn on the oven, keeping my house cooler in the summer months and saving on electricity.
It is light and fluffy, perfect for a warm day when something rich would just be too much.
Even my kids can whip this recipe up, because it is that simple!

What is the difference between angel cake and angel food cake?
There is no difference! While some people call it angel cake and others call it angel food cake, these names both refer to lightly sweetened, fluffy cakes made mostly of egg whites and sugar. These cakes use no butter and the fluffy texture comes from beaten egg whites.

What is the secret to a good angel food cake?
The biggest secret to a perfect angel food cake is to beat room-temperature eggs to stiff peaks. To do this, you have to be sure that not a speck of fat remains in your mixing bowl, on the beaters, or even a glob of yolk in the egg white.

Why do you have to flip angel food cake?
Angel food cakes are likely to sink in as they cool. For this reason, people flip the angel food cake in the pan to cool. It will set up while upside down, trapping the bubbles in the cake. When it’s fully cool, it will be set and you can invert the pan.

Why can’t you use plastic bowl for angel food cake?
Any vestige of fat in the egg white will interfere with the whipping. Plastic bowls are more likely to have remnants of fat from other recipes in plastic, keeping the egg whites from whipping up as fluffy as possible. Glass, metal, and ceramic bowls are most likely to be fully cleaned of all fats.

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