12 surprising uses of hydrogen peroxide

Here are 12 of our favorite uses for hydrogen peroxide:

1. Kitchen glass cleaner. To clean glass surfaces, including mirrors and stove tops, spray hydrogen peroxide directly onto the surface.
Natural Living Ideas suggests using a clean, lint-free cloth to then easily wipe away dirt.
2. Countertops disinfectant. Your kitchen countertops can be breeding grounds for all kinds of nasty microbes.

Take preventative care by spraying hydrogen peroxide onto countertops, says Natural Living Ideas.

3. Cutting board cleaner. Cutting boards are tricky. If they are not cleaned properly, they can present some particularly bad problems in the germ department.
That’s why Natural Living Ideas suggests using hydrogen peroxide to disinfect cutting boards and kill dangerous bacteria.
4. Produce rinse. You may be surprised to know that hydrogen peroxide is a perfectly safe method for cleaning produce.
Natural Living Ideas likes to soak fruits and vegetables in hydrogen peroxide for one to two minutes before rinsing the produce in clean water.
5. Refrigerator cleaner. Refrigerator maintenance is important for a bacteria-free kitchen environment.
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Written by P. Powel

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