This cake turned out perfect in every way, both moist and flavorful.

I searched online and found a wide variety of sites that were making a pineapple upside down cake in a Bundt pan, so I reviewed them and selected what seemed to be the most common and reasonable approach.

Some used whole pineapple rings while others cut them in half. I chose the latter. All the ones I reviewed were made with a box cake mix, which I don’t usually prefer, but decided to give that a try instead of making completely from scratch.

Why do I prefer not to use boxed cake mixes?  Well the ingredients are scary and certainly not good for you to consume in quantity. So I don’t recommend a cake mix often, but it worked well in this situation. As in all things, moderation is called for.

I used the yellow Duncan Hines Super Moist cake mix. If you want a more strong pineapple flavor in the cake, substitute for a pineapple cake mix.

I also used my large, classic 15 cup Bundt pan which never runs over when I make this recipe. But others have reported spillage, perhaps because they used smaller pans. In any case, I suggest a baking sheet under the pan just in case.

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