Pillsbury’s Crescent Roll Taco Bake

The corn chips, in this particular recipe, bring some additional texture and deliciousness to the ring. It’s really the toppings in the center, though, that provide that finishing touch!

Layer, layer, layer. Be creative! Add peppers, add black olives, add refried beans if you wish! I usually serve salsa on the side (sometimes in a hollowed out red pepper!). I find that putting it with the rest of the toppings can make the whole dish a bit watery. Who wants a soggy taco ring? Not I.

I’d say things are looking pretty party-ready, don’t you think?

Feel free to set out some additional bowls of toppings so your guests can pile on more of the goodies! The taco ring, itself, is so easy to cut and serve. The openings in the ring, guide you on where to section off each piece. Just make the cuts and let your guests do the rest!

I promise you, your guests are going to love this, and you, well, YOU are going to enjoy it right along with them. No need to be stuck in the kitchen during the holidays. Enjoy the special moments and share this deliciousness with the ones you love.

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