Creamed Peas and Potatoes

Creamed Peas and Potatoes was always a favorite side dish growing up. My mother would add fresh peas from our garden along with tender chunks of beautiful red potatoes. It’s a terrific dish to serve with baked chicken, turkey, roasted pork, meat loaf or steak. We have even served this for Easter dinner. on multiple occasions. It’s easy to make, very inexpensive, and always a crowd pleaser!

Suggestions for Creamed Peas and Potatoes

  • Fresh, garden peas are divine in this recipe but you can easily use frozen peas too. They’re crisp, vibrant and so yummy! If you’re using fresh peas, be sure to blanch them first.
  • Many people like to make this recipe with heavy cream or half-and-half for creaminess, but I actually like to use skim milk. I know it sounds weird, but trust me. Skim milk cuts down on calories, and really it tastes super creamy and delicious.
  • Creamed peas and potatoes are a perfect dish for kids of all ages. It’s so easy to mash up if you have a child who prefers mashed potatoes. It makes terrific baby food too!
  • This recipe is easy to adjust for crowds if you need a side dish for a pot luck. It also makes yummy leftovers!
  • Peas and potatoes actually have tremendous health benefits! Peas are a good source of vitamin K, manganese, fiber, vitamins B1, B6, B2, and vitamin C. There are many good reasons your mother told you to eat your peas! Peas are low in calories, low in fat, high in fiber, and high in protein. And potatoes! They have more potassium than a banana. Because potatoes are high in fiber, the help lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart disease. Potatoes are also high in vitamin C and vitamin B6. You can feel great about preparing this healthy dish for your family!


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