Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken And Potatoes

This baked chicken dish might at first seem simple, but don’t be so quick to judge; it’s chock-full of spinach and potatoes, and topped off with a decadently creamy, herbed garlic parmesan sauce that bumps the whole dish up several notches – and if you sneak a couple spoonfuls of the sauce while no one’s looking, no one will be the wiser!
If it isn’t already obvious, the sauce is what makes this dish so amazing, bringing together the chicken, veggies and tots, and creating a dinner that’s perfect for either a standard weeknight meal or for a time when you’ve got friends over. The best part is that once you’ve got it in the oven, dinner prep is totally over – no need to throw together a side dish or salad, since this has everything you need!
So basically, if you can sauté some spinach and whip up this easy sauce, all you need to do is “assemble” it all in your baking dish and dinner is done. You definitely want to try out this dish, so get cooking, then revel in how much time you get to spend enjoying said dish, instead of standing over slaving away over more meal components.

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