10 Dusting Hacks That Will Change the Way You Clean

Trick for a Pleated Lampshade

The trick to cleaning spots like pleated shades or lampshades is finding the right tool. One you might not have thought of? A dry, clean paintbrush. It’s the perfect size for its soft bristles to get between each crease. Or use a rolling lint remover for a quicker clean.

Forget that Pricey Dust Cloth!

After you’ve used a piece of cheesecloth in the kitchen, don’t toss it. Throw it into a load of laundry, then use it as a dust rag. It will trap small particles in its weave, and won’t leave behind a bunch of lint. We also like using old socks when dusting—you can place them on your hands to get the job done even faster.

Extend Your Reach

If your spring cleaning involves getting rid of cobwebs in hard-to-reach places, here’s a hint: Untangle a wire hanger, and use a rubber band to secure an old, clean sock to the end. You can also put an old sock over the end of a yardstick. For heavier-duty jobs or ones that are farther away (like cleaning cobwebs from corners),  cover the head of your mop or broom with a pillowcase dampened with water, vinegar, or your preferred cleaning solution, then secure it with a rubber band and go to it.

Pantyhose for Dusting Candles

While you’re saving your old cheesecloth and socks, save pantyhose too! They’re perfect for cleaning dusty candles. Just ball up some old pantyhose and rub them down. Its microfiber is perfect for picking up the dirt without harming your candle.

Easy Ceiling Fan Clean

Some may say that opening an umbrella in the house is bad luck, but you won’t mind the risk when you see how much easier it makes cleaning your ceiling fan. Just hook the handle of an upside-down, open umbrella over the top of the fan, then let the dust that you wipe off the blades fall inside. Close it up when you’re done and carefully take outside to dump the dust out. To easily clean a ceiling fan, spray glass cleaner or a mixture of half vinegar and half water on the inside of a pillowcase. Put the pillowcase over one arm of the fan, then pull it off while applying gentle pressure toward the floor. The pillowcase will wipe the top of the blade clean.

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